10 Best Free Mobile Apps for Productivity

Productivity mobile apps have changed the lives of people a great deal. That’s because before their existence and for those yet to discover them, planning and staying organized is a challenge. That’s especially when the time is limited, but you have a lot of work, commitments as well as priorities.

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For those who have managed to stay organized, the price has often been quite high. From a calendar overcrowded by random papers to a million and one notebooks full of various to-do lists. No wonder, the popularity of mobile apps for productivity is snowballing. If you are tired of a chaotic life and want to simplify it, read on. This piece discusses in details the ten best free mobile apps for productivity. Check them out!

1. Evernote:

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Evernote is one of the best free mobile apps for productivity designed for note-taking. It doesn’t limit the user to text notes only. He or she is at liberty to settle for other types of notes including pictures and audios. It enables you to come up with checklists of things you need to do or remember. In addition to that, you can scan various documents. That comes handy when you want to keep track of your forms, receipts as well as tickets. To further make you more productive, it ensures that you can access the notes fast by searching. That’s regardless of whether you typed or handwrote your notes.

This particular free productivity mobile app is for Android users. It is among the ten best free mobile apps for productivity because you don’t incur any cost to access its essential features. However, there is also a premium version. Its price is $69.99 per annum.

2. Google Drive:

Accessibility of documents regardless of the device that you have and where you are is crucial. It also plays a huge role when it comes to your productivity. Since that’s what Google Drive stands for, it is among the ten best free mobile apps for productivity. Its versatility is impressive. For instance, you can integrate with various web applications that can be of great help.

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A good example is LucidChart which is perfect for opening diagrams. If a need to sign documents often arises given your job description, Google drive allows you to integrate the DocuSign as well. Equally important, the app is a blend of several office essential apps. They include Slides, Sheets and Docs for your office work.

Google Drive is compatible with most of the available operating systems. That includes Web, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. The free version offers up to 15GB storage space. For 100GB, you will have to pay $1.99 every month.

3. Trello:

Android, as well as Windows’ users, have something to smile, Trello. The fact that it is an excellent task manager earns it a place among the ten best free mobile apps for productivity. Since productivity goes hand in hand with the organization, it ensures that you get to be at your best.

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Trello has a platform that facilitates the creation of cards that could represent tasks and how urgent they are, depending on priority as well as the deadline. Checklists are easy to come up with as well. It enables you to attach pictures, files and hyperlinks as well. The sharing feature is the icing on the cake. That’s why they are ideal for collaborations. Therefore, you can send it to teammates when assigning tasks.

Trello is an option to those using Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Web too. As far as the free version goes, what you get is enough. You get all the core features. In addition to that, you can make as many boards and cards as you want. However, you can only get one power-up for every board. Also available is a Business Class Plan which goes for a monthly fee of $9.99.


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Imagine having an application that connects almost every internet-connected devices, services, and apps that you own. That would mean an easy way to manage the overwhelming technology. Whether you are an expert programmer or know nothing about the field at all, this productivity application will automate your routine. That includes emailing your readers as soon as they comment on your post or switching off your Hue lights or change their color. You don’t have to imagine the comfort that comes with such an app. Instead, install this app.

Given how expensive and difficult programming courses can be, it is hard to ignore IFTTT. It is one of the ten free mobile apps for productivity that you need to install for the IoT devices and smart lights among others.


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When you are working under a tight schedule, forgetting various chores, as well as tasks, can become the new norm. However, it could cost you a lot, and that’s why you need an application such as It makes it easy for the user to keep your schedule on track despite being busy. It combines to-do lists, notes, and reminders. Equally important, it makes it easy to share with others. That can help when it comes to assigning tasks especially if you are working as a team. You can also sync your tablet, phone, and desktop for real-time updates. It offers another convenient way of listing your tasks which are using voice recordings. Other incredible features are file attachments and calendar integration.

It works on Android and iOS devices as well. As far as pricing is concerned, one has two options. There are a free account and a premium one which costs $26.88 per year.

6. Pocket:

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If your work often includes reading, this app by the name Pocket is perfect for increasing your productivity. It comes in especially when your sources have distractions as well as traps that could make you deter. That way, you get to not only read a lot of content but also concentrate on the maximum hence grasping a lot of the information. As a result of that, you get to improve your productivity.

It works correctly with Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, and iOS. It has a free as well as a premium plan. For the latter, you get to part ways with $44.99 only every year.

7. LastPass:

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Thanks to the benefits that come with Lastpass, one can’t fail to it as one of the ten best free mobile apps for productivity. First, it saves you the agony that comes with trying to remember all the passwords of the accounts that you have. In addition to that, it helps you generate a secure password.

Once you log in the first time, you will not have to keep retyping every time you want to access it. It works for not only individual accounts but also those managed by a team. It is also not limited to passwords. It can also save the likes of addresses and credit card details.

It works well with Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac as well as Linux. For all the core features, you can get them for free. If need be, consider the Premium one that goes for a monthly subscription of $2 only.

8. Dragon Mobile Assistant:

Can you imagine having an app that controls your phone with the help of voice commands only? That’s what this productivity app called Dragon Mobile Assistant does. Its installation means that you can post updates on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your voice.

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You can also schedule various appointments, set reminders, write emails or send and receive messages using your voice. Consequently, you can multitask since most of the tasks will be eye-free and hands-free.

It works with Android phones and can control your phone entirely. The fact that it is free makes it even better.

9. TeamViewer:

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This app has come to improve your productivity. It allows you to use an application that couldn’t have worked on your device under normal circumstances. In addition to that, you can fix a computer in your office from the comfort of your home. It is also a handy tool when it comes to technical support. There are times when you are in one place, and your files are in another location. That can be frustrating or lead to a lot of loss. However, TeamViewer can make that a non-issue. It also facilitates web meetings, device control and file transfer among others.

This app works for both Android and iOS users. Equally important, it is entirely free.

10. Buffer:

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It is no longer a secret that the online market is something every business should seek to utilize. However, you have to do it wisely to get excellent results. Fortunately, you can consider Buffer. It is one of the ten best free mobile apps for productivity designed for that purpose. It helps in creating, scheduling as well as tracking the performance of your social media apps.

The productivity works with Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With this app, it becomes a breeze to monitor retweets, comments, shares, likes as well as clicks.

It is good to note that you can enjoy all that at no cost with their free version.

Final Words:

With the above discussion of the ten best free mobile apps for productivity, you can improve for the better. Despite being free, they keep you in a position that allows you to stay productive even when circumstances state otherwise. Whether you are on the move or under conditions that make working a little harder than usual, these productive apps can help. They mean making procrastination, time mismanagement and distractions a thing of the past. If you embrace them, your productivity will improve no doubt.