12 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

Most of us have a life that runs on a fast lane. It is exhausting and stressful. We always lag behind our deadlines and end up with a pile of work which we were supposed to do yesterday. The lethargy creeps in, and we give up on things which were not difficult in the first place if we had our life organized.

Usually, our life is disorganized, and we tend to be slobs. Things don’t get productive, and we continuously run late, wasting our precious time on things which could have been avoided. We waste our time socializing on virtual platforms or lose money on the fines and late fees. If you are one of us, here are twelve tips that can keep your life organized.

12 Tips to Keep your Life Organized - Dynamic Web Training
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1-Start your day with Exercise:

Research has shown that we lose our focus and self-control due to lack of energy We usually miss out on a task because we feel too lazy to do it. Laziness and productivity are interlinked in a way because when you miss out on your deadlines or miss out on your fulfilling tasks, you tend to feel exhausted, and the mood drops. Inversely, when you begin work with stressed or fatigued mind, you don’t finish it on time.

The only way to energize your mind and body is to wake up early and start with exercise. Exercise rejuvenates you with positivity, and you are ready to take the day head on. Also, keep your body hydrated with some lukewarm lemon water.

2- Meditate:

Meditation is nothing but sitting calmly for few minutes and allow your thoughts to flow without any control. Only observe your thoughts and slowly let them fade away. It will enable you to clear the clutter that stops you from working. You don’t have to learn meditation if you don’t know how to meditate. It is nothing but spending few minutes with yourself in silence to get a better perspective on your life and day.


Journaling is a routine which many successful people follow. It is a daily exercise to write down affirmations that take you closer to your goals. It is a good practice to write down three things that you are grateful for followed by tasks for today that will bring closer to your goals.

You must also practice journaling before going to bed where are you write down accomplishments of the day and the three critical tasks that you are going to perform tomorrow. Journaling helps in keeping your focus on the things that matter most.

It may sound silly, but if you do it every day, we will realize that what an excellent tool journaling is to keep your focus throughout the day.

4- Brain Dump:

To make our brain perform to its capacity, you need to do a brain dump first. Whatever the thoughts that spring in your mind, flush them on a sheet of paper. Rank them accordingly by urgency.Pick the ones that are relevant for today and create the to-do list. Rearrange them or list them out according to their slot in the day. It shouldn’t be too many or too less. Usually, pick three to four critical tasks to be done which takes you closer to your goals.

5- Switch off all the Distractions:

Before beginning any task switch off all the distractions like social media, cell phones, television, etc. Many productivity apps block the programs which consume most of your valuable time. People have compulsions of checking emails and private messages too often. Slot a time in the day to check those. Put your cell phones on vibrate mode if you are going to start a very crucial task.

6- Set a Timer for every task:

Nowadays the cell phones have stopwatches or alarms that can help you in setting timers for your jobs. Every work should be time bound. Allotting a particular time to a task will make you focus hard and hurry your mind and body towards fulfilling the responsibility. Putting a sense of urgency increases concentration, and by making regular sprints, you will become good at your job. Also, setting a timer will not allow you to linger on unnecessary evils.

7-Focus on one task at a time:

As you begin your day following the job you have laid out for yourself, there may be forces that are beyond your control and can conflict with the task at hand. During these circumstances, one should not start doing multitasking. Multitasking will take you nowhere you may feel that you are working hard, but at the end of the day, you will be left with very little output and a significant loss of energy.

When such challenges dawn on you, always rely on doing one thing at a time. If you feel the ongoing task is more important than the others, try to finish it first. If the urgency of the other intruding work is more than yours, you can abandon the continuing job and get back it as fast as you can finishing the urgent work first. It may also happen that you may not get time to get back to your task at all, in such circumstances quickly allow it in your next assignment list if it provides such possibilities. The idea here is not to drag it for too long or procrastinate over it.

8- Say No to Obligations:

Yes, it is difficult to say NO, but if you want to keep your day organized, you should apply it. Usually, the bosses or the colleagues ask you to help them out. Most of the time, you end up engaging yourself into doing others’ task. Helping others is a virtue but not at the cost of your work if it is set on a priority.

On such occasions, you should be hard on yourself and learn to say no. Also, support it with your valid reasons on why you are not able to help them out right now. Always offer them to help but not at this moment. They will understand and may not bother you the next time.

9- Rewind Yourself:

Always take time to rewind after a hectic or a stressful task. You should always allow 10-minute breaks between the task to rewind. During the breaks, you should never think about the task. Instead, go for a walk, joke with your colleagues, grab a bite or catch up with the game scores. Rewinding means emptying your mind. If you keep on thinking about work, it will make you tired and lethargic. Rewinding helps in re-energizing for the next step ahead.

10- Place Management:

It is one of the most usual things ignored at the workplace. Place management means allotting your things a particular place or a folder in your workplace or computer. Always give your items home. It can be your stationery items, office files, personal belongings or your gadgets. Make it a habit to always keep them in their homes or their slots. By practicing it regularly, it will subconsciously act on your mind, and next time when you are searching for a relevant file or your car keys, you know where you have to look out for. By teaching this habit, you will be more organized at not only your workplace but also your home or any environment.

11. Declutter your place:

Always make it a habit to keep your environment spic and span. It not only applies to your home but also to the workplace. Always try to adopt a minimalistic approach in the workplace. Organize your clutter and get rid of unnecessary things. You should shed the habit of clinging to things which are of no use in the future. Most common clutters paper mails and outdated reports. Similarly, organize your home with the minimalistic approach. Decluttered environments brighten up the mind and help to be positive. A happy mind is always productive and organized.

12. Review Your day:

You need to monitor your efforts honestly. Nothing better than reviewing the day. You have a lot of written material to assess your day. One is your journal; the other is yours to do list. You should always monitor your performance against your set of targets for the day. In a matter of time, you will be able to identify your stronger and weaker areas. Next time, it will help you in setting your goals better and grow and evolve as a better person.

By adopting these twelve little things, you can turn your life around, and in no time you will find a lot of success and time for yourself. Not only you will find yourself full of energy, but also you will be appreciated for your prompt work and productivity. It will have some magical changes in your life for good. The whole purpose of this blog will be futile if you just read through it and not take action on the tips disclosed to you.

So, begin your organized life now.