23 Key Java Programming Interview Questions Asked to Beginners

Interviews are always nerve-wracking, and when you are a fresher, it terrorizes your mind even more. You are still anxious about what the interviewer will ask and whether you are adept enough to answer them confidently. When it comes to programming interviews, you are even more clueless. Well, if you are a beginner in Java, to make things easier, we are listing out some of the most common questions asked in the interview.


What is the Future of Power BI?

Did you always wonder if you could access correct data for better business insights and decisions? Although there are numerous tools to deduct the right information, Power BI is quickly emerging as a leader when it comes to Data Visualization and Business Intelligence. In recent times it has taken giant leaps and the trend doesn’t seem to die. But, is it here to stay? Let us analyze its future.


Power BI Dashboard: An Introduction

The power of Power BI as a useful tool for data visualization and business intelligence in the fast growing world of data analytics world is undeniable. How it transforms data from many sources to a customized interactive presentation report page also known as Dashboard takes it few notches up over its competitors.


How to Make a Chart or Graph in Excel

While making a presentation to your clients or group of people, only presenting texts and figures aren’t attractive. Texts are necessary but visual representations make it even better. Microsoft Excel has pictorial representations like Chart or Graphs. They are excellent for statistical presentations which have a great recall value than mere statistical figures.



What is Microsoft Power BI and how does it work?

When it comes to business intelligence and analytics based services, Microsoft’s Power Bi stands tall above all. Today, processing your business data to collect invaluable insights is precious and Microsoft has recognized that importance. Its Power BI platform is the leading business analytics tool today. But those who do not know about it, it is exactly what we are going to discuss here.



28 Must Know Excel Keyboard Shortcuts – Tutorial 2018

For those of you who are required to work on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on a daily basis, a list of Excel shortcuts can save you around 2 seconds per minute(8 working days per year). Yes, you heard it right!!
While every new version of Excel comes with new shortcuts, there are only about 20 – 30 keyboard shortcuts usually needed to sufficing everyday office work. Rests are typically used for advanced tasks.


11 Excel 2016 Easy Tips and Tricks That You Should Know!

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook are the heavyweights in the suite of Microsoft Office. It is no secret that Microsoft Office and especially Excel is a boon to all entrepreneurs and data entry professionals whose sole job is to keep the data and information stored in an organized manner online. It is a standard spreadsheet tool that is needed in most industries these days. (more…)