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How To Learn Web Development

Web Development is a hot stream of IT industry. Everyone finds a website design quite appealing. But have you ever thought, how are these stunning websites made? Are these web developers designers or programmers? We will reveal all such queries here. Read On.

Web Development seems to be hard, but in l reality, it’s not. People usually think making a website is difficult because of all the graphical elements like font, images, colours, tables, animations, etc. within it. Also, programming or coding is tough for a beginner. Nowadays, Responsive websites are the preferred ones. Responsive websites are websites which changes its layout & alignment according to the device.

A website is easy to create and design with predefined code library & frameworks. So let’s get into discussing each & every stage of Web Development.

3 Pillars of Web Development:


HTML is the basic language of web development. You may have learned HTML in your school days. However, that level is the basic one where you are taught to create pages, change font, colours, background, add images, etc. In the programming arena, HTML has evolved and grown into a better version. The basics are necessary, and if you have mastered it, you deserve a great thumbs up.

Currently, HTML has changed to HTML5. HTML5 is pretty similar like HTML just added with additional features. The latest language can develop games, doesn’t need Flash Players to play animations & can build a basic structure of a webpage.

Advantages of mastering HTML is “better understanding of coding & alignments.” HTML is responsible for creating the frame or structure of a webpage.


What we see attractive is what we buy. Same applies to webpages. A website without any color or effects would look like an excel sheet. A user will find it annoying and confusing to use. CSS is the solution for it.

CSS beautifies the HTML language. HTML has a structure & CSS adds beauty to it. Using CSS, you can make your website more colorful, attractive, smooth to use and familiar for the user. Want to add animation, no worries! CSS is compatible with such add-ons. Add animation, effects, transitions, etc. CSS has evolved to CSS3 & is compatible with HTML5.


JavaScript is different from JAVA. JavaScript is a scripting language widely used for web development. You have made the structure, designed it; now it’s time to give controls. Web elements like buttons, mouse, play, pause, close, animation, etc. are written using JavaScript.

Now, once you mastered HTML, CSS & JavaScript which might take you a few months. The next step is to learn Advanced level languages. Few are listed as follows:

  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • React/Angular/Vue
  • Testing
  • Build/Deployment
  • GitHub


Do you remember the term “Responsive“ as discussed earlier? Responsive websites are websites which change its design layout comprising of graphics, elements, alignment, spacing according to the device’s view or browsing size.

Bootstrap is prevalent for building responsive websites. It’s an Open-source-front-end framework & compatible with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Overall, websites we surf on the laptop, PC, Android or iOS devices are usually built using Bootstrap.


jQuery is an old-version & programmers don’t use it nowadays. But you can still use it in places like a library or stores.

You may not need to master it, but knowing it is preferable. Being a programmer, you can’t be an expert on everything, but you need to be aware.


React, Angular & Vue helps in building User Interface & Frameworks. React is especially for UI making whereas Vue is for UI & Single page applications. Apart from this, Angular is used for Web & Laptop applications.

Build – Test – Deploy:

There are specific tools used for web development implementation. Tools used for JavaScript development are as follows:

  • React
  • Express
  • Angular
  • Electron
  • Gulp
  • NPM
  • Webpack
  • ESLint
  • Vue.js
  • jQuery

Try out Programs & Explore Latest Languages:

Once you have learned the basic, the core & advanced languages, you can implement them practically. Now, you can explore more programming languages or try out programs to build something new.

Few more things to practice:

  • ES6:- JavaScript’s latest version
  • JS Developers
  • PHP

A special mention of PHP – Webpage without a server-side scripting language may not work correctly. PHP is a server-side scripting language used for web development. Earlier PHP stood for “Personal Home Page,” but now it stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor.” The language works excellent with HTML, HTML handles front-end UI & PHP handles back-end UI.

Learning PHP is necessary because it decides the behavior of the server. Whenever we open a page, we request information from the server. A PHP scripted code is generated, and that approaches the server. The server responds accordingly. So, for web development PHP or server-side scripting languages are necessary.

Join the community:


GitHub is a popular repository hosting service for Git. GitHub can be divided into two words “Git & Hub.” Git is where the controls are implied & programmer can keep a track. Hub means a group of like-minded people. So GitHub is a community where you can review, improve & derive new ideas.


  • Easy to contribute to Open source projects
  • Showcase your work
  • Documentation
  • Markdown
  • Repository
  • Track changes in your code
  • Integration options


After discussing specific elements, we can conclude that we need first to start learning. Go for the basics because rushing is not right in the long run. Once you are over with the basics, you may go deep down the rabbit hole of web learning.

Try to implement them in real life situations. Now, go for a few advanced programming languages used widely by international programmers. For additional knowledge, you may be knowledgeable of the latest versions of JavaScript, HTML. JS Development tools are also essential for building UI’s.

Overall, we make a structure, give it a physique, beautify it using CSS, Give it primary controls using JavaScript. Moving on an advanced level, use Bootstrap to make it compatible for every device.JS Developer tools for User interfaces.

So make, transform, better it, test it and then finally deploy it! There you go.

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