How to program your Brain to outsmart yourself

Humans use a small percentage of their brain power. However, the potential power of the mind is far superior to a supercomputer. In fact, when the computer was invented, it was modeled on the human brain. So, if we intend to outsmart ourselves or be a much superior person to what we are now, we need to remodel our lives around the computers to improve our levels of discipline, focus, efficiency, and productivity.

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Like any other computer, first, we have to flush out the junk from our temporary folders. To perform at our optimum levels, we need to reboot our system periodically. In this context, the overloaded system is our brain. If we do not delete the temporary files and reset our mind, the various complicated circuits start firing at the same time. We experience “Brain Freeze” and mental fatigue. Just recall, how we struggle with our memory or productivity when we work tirelessly to catch up with our fast life. To process straightforward information, notice how our mind crawls to decipher it. We gradually become less efficient in work and our daily life.

To re-tune your brain and program it to become a better processor, you need to do the following simple steps which consume just a few minutes but will get you maximum results. You can achieve it with only three simple procedures.

1-Pick your best time of the day:

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If the best part of your day is early morning, it is a perfect time. Preferably, you should practice the program twice a day. So, try to pick a right slot for the evening too. The slot before bedtime sometimes works the best. Though, you should choose the moment which is most suitable. Any time of the day is appropriate. But, lock that part of the day for this ritual as you have to do it consistently.

It is advisable to choose a time after your exercise and the breakfast. The brain starts to rev up during this time slowly and can think clearly.

2-Choose your Medium for Logging:

You need a medium for logging. Nowadays the smartphones are our closest friends. They are perfect for performing tasks and recording our thoughts. There are some free voice recording applications too. Then, there are other productivity programs like OneNote, Evernote, Outlook, etc. on your laptop. They will be fine for this also.

If you still love the pen and paper, no need to be ashamed. It is effective too. The medium of logging is your choice; all work well provided you are quick with it and your laptop, phone or pad is just a hand’s reach away.

3-Download everything:

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Now dump all the crazy thoughts that are crossing your mind, bothering you, floating before you. Just drop them all into the medium you have chosen. Your thoughts can be tasks, random person, fears, concerns, ideas, questions, jokes, money, relationships, memories, dreams or anything. Vomit it all out of your system. The purpose is to download everything and empty your mind. Try to think of few more things that are hidden inside and get them out. Download till the spinning wheel inside your head, comes to a halt.

Once they are out, tick the ones that are relevant for today. Ask yourself – Do I need to act on it today?

If it is YES, move them to today’s To-Do List. Also, remove the ones that didn’t pass the test.

Now categorize today’s list. If it is an idea, task, question, meeting someone, etc. You can name the categories as per your preference. Ideally, this process should not take more than 5-10 minutes till now.

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Now rank them according to the priority. If you can push some things for tomorrow or if it is just an idea, it can take a back seat, and you can visit it at the later part of the day. Think hard about some issues that how crucial they are today. Likewise, rank them and then list out the to-do list for the day. Some may be important, but the slot for that is at a particular time of the day. So, lock that period for those tasks first. Very soon, your day will have a clear purpose, and you will not suffer from procrastination and inefficiency.

If you do this daily religiously, in no time, it will come as second nature to you. The habit of emptying your junk and then programming them accordingly will improve your focus. You will develop the confidence to realize your goals. With time, you will be able to execute herculean tasks with ample ease. These are real signs of a successful person. If you notice, a successful person always has a longer day than you. Do you know why? Because they have a vitalized brain which got unloaded in the same way you are going to do it.

The decluttered minds perform the best. The whole concentration will be on that one thing. Any fleeting thoughts which come by, you know where to dump them. They won’t bother you again. Your brain has already streamlined itself on how to handle it. An overloaded mind is like that overloaded donkey that refuses to move even when you spank it hard.

If you make it a habit, you will lead a balanced and stress-free life. The energy will never diminish, and that brightness in your eyes will take you a long way ahead. The responsibilities, the exhausting fears, the stressful meeting in office will all be taken care of by doing this simple ritual daily. You will be more happy and content. All you need is to invest that 5- 10 minutes of your day onto yourself and the brain takes care of the rest. Start practicing the simple steps from today and notice the transformation. You have already outsmarted yourself.

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