Salary Figures for Web & IT in 2016

As some of the fastest growing and most in­demand professions in the digital age, I.T. and web development have seen a spike in salary over the last few years. This can largely be put down to the growth of online purchasing and mobile device usage.

While competition amongst job seekers in these industries can be fierce, for many skilled front­end developers it really is a seller’s market. Those who know CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks such as BackboneJS and AngularJS are highly in demand.

The high industry demand for skilled workers means the current job market remains very mobile for those in I.T. and web development. With the industry evolving at a rapid pace and new job titles being created to keep up with innovations, staying up to date with emerging skills and experience is a must if you want to command a high salary.

So, which jobs are well paid and which additional skills can help you get the salary boost you’re after?

web and IT salary infographic
JobAverage salary
(incl. commission)
Entry-levelMid-careerExperiencedSkills that
increase salary
IT ManagerA$90,447A$50,568 – A$130,888A$60,195 – A$141,262A$69,811 – A$162,323UNIX
IT ConsultantA$81,144A$43,385 – A$99,085A$60,312 – A$129,825A$69,812 – A$175,881Business Analysis
Web designerA$50,835A$35,463 – A$71,019A$40,696 – A$100,762A$42,220 – A$120,249User Interface Design skill
Web Graphic DesignerA$50,226A$35,749 – A$64,256A$42,857 – A$72,858A$42,220 – A$120,249Web design
Web DeveloperA$55,627A$38,298 – A$72,951A$45,833 – A$90,714A$54,152 – A$126,089.NET
User Interface DesignerA$61,931A$49,610 – A$56,449A$53,029 – A$71,961A$87,201- A$100,149Web Design
Multimedia DesignerA$51,472A$41,379 – A$64,481A$44,440 – A$71,483  
Support Technician ITA$48,559A$36,575 – A$62,580A$40,534 – A$73,778A$41,410 – A$75,332Windows Server 2012 R2
Help Desk / Desktop Support
Business Analyst, ITA$80,554A$54,099 – A$101,507A$67,945 – A$130,108A$73,234 – A$157,409Requirements Analysis
Microsoft SQL Server
Project Manager, ITA$100,142A$54,865 – A$138,956A$75,020 – A$158,741A$79,944 – A$180,680SQL, Agile,business analysis
Desktop Publisher
Graphic design)
A$50,868A$40,906 – A$45,900A$40,906 – A$56,160A$71,280- A$81,466Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
PHP Web DeveloperA$59,010A$37,596 – A$80,562A$39,152 – A$87,836A$63,494- A$110,833HTML, CSS, PHP

The above infographic and the table shows the average Australian salaries in I.T. and web development for 2016. It covers what you can expect to earn in different job roles, from I.T. manager to support technician and desktop publisher.

Contributing Factors to Salary

Salaries range from $35,463 for an entry­level web designer to $162,323 for an experienced I.T. manager. How much you can expect to earn in this field will depend on a variety of factors such as location and how much experience you have.

Additional factors to affect salary include things such as the exact functions required for the company or clients, the type of experience you have, as well as the size of the company.

The infographic also shows which relevant skills can help to increase your salary. Having experience using high demand tools and technologies can result in earning more money; This includes web design skills for a user interface designer, HTML and CSS for a PHP web developer and Linux and .NET for a web developer.

We can also see the ratio of males to females for different jobs, most of which are still dominated by men. Previous research has shown that lack of flexibility, long hours and unconscious bias from already male­ dominated teams are all contributing factors to the lack of females being driven to these roles.

When it comes to the top 5 highest paying countries, Australia makes the list for the following jobs:

If you are interested in a career in I.T. or web development, this infographic will demonstrate exactly how much you can expect to earn in Australia for each role, as well as what you need to know in order to demand a higher salary.