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Fireworks Training Courses

Adobe Fireworks Training Courses

(4.86 out of 5) 65 Student Reviews

The best Adobe Fireworks training experience

Fireworks, Adobe's vector and bitmap graphics program, allows you to quickly and intuitively generate images optimised for website and applications. Learn to prototype web pages and interfaces, use advanced styling tools, lighting, shadow and blending effects, and export HTML, CSS or interactive PDFs.

Our Fireworks courses are offered at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and In-house across Australia.

Why Fireworks?

Adobe Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor. It is made for web designers for rapidly creating beautiful designs for websites and mobile apps, without writing code. Deliver vector graphics and bitmap images, mock-ups, 3D graphics, and interactive content for popular tablets and smartphones. Its features also include sclices and ability to add hotspots.

Fireworks Courses

Learn how to accelerate web design and development with Fireworks CS6 software, the ideal tool for creating and optimizing images for the web and rapidly prototyping websites and web applications.  View Full Course Details

$ 990 incl GST
Course Duration
2 Days
Course Level
Study Modes
In-Class / Online Live
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Course Inclusions

FREE Class Re-sit
8 months

Free course repeats/re-sits for up to 8 months. A great way to build your skills over time.

FREE eMail Support
12 months

Free post course email support for up to 12 months; to maximise your learning potential.

Small Class Sizes
10 max

Small Class sizes; personalised learning experience for every student.

Student Reviews

(5.00 out of 5) [ 13 June, 2014 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Sydney

I obtained an enormous increase to my limited knowledge of graphics applications, was really impressed.

(5.00 out of 5) [ 26 September, 2013 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Melbourne

Andy was engaging and provided information that was relevant to my application of Fireworks, and while it was a full on day I feel like I have a good level of understanding of the basics of Fireworks that I can build on. After using Fireworks for a bit I think I may find it useful to do a resit to consolidate and expand on my knowledge.

(4.90 out of 5) [ 08 August, 2013 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Brisbane

A great course with lots of great tips and valuable info. Useful for showing clients the basic look of a website or a e-newsletter.. easy and quick to set up buttons and actions in order for a client to see what it could potentially look like on their browser, so it's great!

(4.00 out of 5) [ 04 July, 2013 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Melbourne

enjoyed course very much. good pace and good instruction. interesting content and challenging assignments.

(5.00 out of 5) [ 17 January, 2013 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Melbourne

Andy Garard is a fantastic facilitator. He exhibits real industry experience and has a way of getting his message across. He is very generous with his time but still manages to stay on course.

(5.00 out of 5) [ 17 January, 2013 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Melbourne

Overall the course content and the instructor is very good. and I think I got lot of important concepts.

(4.50 out of 5) [ 06 February, 2012 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Melbourne

Cath also covered animation,slideshows, and some other things because the students were all advanced - it would be good if they were in the book.

(4.10 out of 5) [ 06 February, 2012 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Sydney

The course gave me an insight to what fireworks is and how it is used in real life. It would have been good to go alittle deeper in depth as it seems like there are alot of interesting functionalities with Fireworks. Overall was great learning.

(4.90 out of 5) [ 07 November, 2011 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Brisbane

Randall was very helpful and provided lots of support during the course. I enjoyed the program and now will use lots of tips learned in my work practice.

(5.00 out of 5) [ 02 June, 2011 ]
Fireworks CS6: Web Graphic Creation Sydney

Loved it. Jonathon really inspired and motivated me. Lots of new info was learnt and I would recommend this course.

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