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jQuery Training Courses

jQuery Training Courses

(4.82 out of 5) 123 Student Reviews

The best jQuery training experience.

Learn how to do more with your web application pages with less script using jQuery. Students will learn how to get up and running with jQuery quickly and effectively. Our jQuery courses are an excellent way for you to learn the nuances of jQuery methods without the need to write a slew of code.

Our jQuery courses are offered at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and In-house across Australia.

Why jQuery?

jQuery is a simple but powerful tool for taming and transforming web pages, bending even the most stubborn and aging browsers to your will. Today?s World Wide Web is a dynamic environment, and its users set a high bar for both style and function of websites. To build interesting, interactive websites developers are turning to JavaScript libraries such as jQuery to automate common tasks and simplify complicated ones. Far from being merely a flashy, trendy design, jQuery lets you speedily sculpt your web pages in ways both subtle and extreme: from finessing a simple sliding penel to implementing a brend-new user interaction.

jQuery Courses

jQuery is a simple but powerful tool taming and transforming web pages and creating interactive websites.  View Full Course Details

Course Duration Level Study Modes

$ 990 incl GST

2 Days Advanced In-Class / Online Live
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jQuery Training Packages

Web Design Package - Level 2

$ 2970 incl GST

(You save $990)

Total Duration

8 days

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Course Inclusions

FREE Class Re-sit
8 months

Free course repeats/re-sits for up to 8 months. A great way to build your skills over time.

FREE eMail Support
12 months

Free post course email support for up to 12 months; to maximise your learning potential.

Small Class Sizes
10 max

Small Class sizes; personalised learning experience for every student.

Student Reviews

(4.80 out of 5) Beatrice [ 28 November, 2019 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Sydney
I thought the structure of this course was very good. It covered all the basics thoroughly to ensure that you can understand all the concepts and leave the course being able to write high quality jQuery. Being able to do exercises that are similar to real life applications is also of great value.
(5.00 out of 5) Kath P [ 26 September, 2019 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Sydney
There have been lots of lightbulb moments during this course. It was very worthwhile and Ican't wait to implement some of the things I've learned.
(5.00 out of 5) Greg [ 07 March, 2019 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Sydney
This course is excellent as an introduction to JQuery. The method it was presented as teach by example is the best way to learn rather than lectures with little or no practical. Highly recommend it.
(5.00 out of 5) Pratyusha Y [ 11 October, 2018 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Sydney
I found it easier to learn than I expected it to be . All thanks to my instructor who has explained things in much detail. thanks
(5.00 out of 5) Robert C [ 08 March, 2018 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Brisbane
Very informative course. John was very easy going and happy to expand on topics of interest and revelance.
(5.00 out of 5) Etuate M [ 18 December, 2017 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Sydney
Course provided a variety of topics. Trainers was really good. explained problems in easy to understand terms and didn't just around topics which most trainers tend to do.
(4.50 out of 5) Thao [ 05 December, 2017 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Melbourne
John was a fantastic trainer. Customised this class to suit my needs by starting with the question asking me what I was expecting to get out of this course.
(5.00 out of 5) Emerald H [ 26 October, 2017 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Brisbane
Jquery was a valuable lesson! Having learnt CSS, this course came easy however, the delivery of the course was why I am now confident to put everything I have learnt in to practice and I look forward to doing so!
(5.00 out of 5) Mark P [ 15 June, 2017 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Melbourne
This course was great in teaching me when to use jQuery and to use it more economically that what I currently do. It opened my eyes to how sometimes it would actually be easier to just use JavaScript on its own. The course gave me the fundamental knowledge to improve my sites through the use of JS/ jQuery.
(5.00 out of 5) Deborah B [ 03 November, 2016 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Sydney
I really enjoyed this course. We were given a more rounded education on jQuery and background of javascript. I definitely will have to practice within the next few days to remember everything i've learned. Our instructor was very good at explaining concepts and examples, the wrong and right way of doing things. I really appreciated that.

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