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jQuery Training Courses

jQuery Training Courses

(4.81 out of 5) 95 Student Reviews

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The best jQuery training experience.

Learn how to do more with your web application pages with less script using jQuery. Students will learn how to get up and running with jQuery quickly and effectively. Our jQuery courses are an excellent way for you to learn the nuances of jQuery methods without the need to write a slew of code.

Our jQuery courses are offered at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and In-house across Australia.

Why jQuery?

jQuery is a simple but powerful tool for taming and transforming web pages, bending even the most stubborn and aging browsers to your will. Today’s World Wide Web is a dynamic environment, and its users set a high bar for both style and function of websites. To build interesting, interactive websites developers are turning to JavaScript libraries such as jQuery to automate common tasks and simplify complicated ones. Far from being merely a flashy, trendy design, jQuery lets you speedily sculpt your web pages in ways both subtle and extreme: from finessing a simple sliding penel to implementing a brend-new user interaction
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jQuery Training Courses:

jQuery is a simple but powerful tool taming and transforming web pages and creating interactive websites.  View Full Course Details

Total Duration Level Study Mode

$ 990 incl GST

2 Days Advanced In-Class
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jQuery Training Packages:

Advanced Web Design Package

HTML5 Essentials (2 days)

CSS3 Essentials (2 days)

Introduction to JavaScript (2 days)

jQuery: Interactive Websites (2 days)

$ 2640 incl GST

(You save $1320)

Total Duration

8 days

$ 3630 incl GST

(You save $1320)

Total Duration

10 days

jQuery Training Reviews

(5.00 out of 5) Mark P [ 15 June, 2017 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Course
This course was great in teaching me when to use jQuery and to use it more economically that what I currently do. It opened my eyes to how sometimes it would actually be easier to just use JavaScript on its own. The course gave me the fundamental knowledge to improve my sites through the use of JS/ jQuery.
(5.00 out of 5) Deborah B [ 03 November, 2016 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Course
I really enjoyed this course. We were given a more rounded education on jQuery and background of javascript. I definitely will have to practice within the next few days to remember everything i've learned. Our instructor was very good at explaining concepts and examples, the wrong and right way of doing things. I really appreciated that.
(4.90 out of 5) Amit K [ 31 May, 2016 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Course
Aaron is a brilliant teacher. highly recommend this course if you an a HTML developer and need to take your skill to the next level.
(4.90 out of 5) Paige S [ 09 November, 2015 ]
jQuery: Interactive Websites Course
I personally wouldn't change anything about how this course was taught. The instructor was great, and the textbook had very valuable information in it.

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