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jQuery: Interactive Websites Course

(4.81 out of 5) 96 Student Reviews

About the Course

During this 2 day course, participants will learn how to take static HTML and CSS web pages and bring them to life with a bit of jQuery magic. Participants will learn how to select elements on the page, move them around, remove them entirely, animate them…in short, you’ll will learn how to bend HTML and CSS to your will!

Who should do this course?

This jQuery course is for web designers who want to create interactive elements for their designs, and for developers who want to create the best user interface for their web applications.


Students should have completed our introductory courses in HTML, CSS and JavaScript or have equivalent skills. Whilst jQuery knowledge is not a pre-requisite; students should be comfortable with JavaScript syntax before attending this course.

Course Benefits

  • FREE Re-sit up to 8 months
  • FREE eMail Support
  • Certified Expert Trainers
  • Printed Course Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Hands-on Training Methods
  • Fully Set-Up Computer Labs

Quick Facts

$ 990 incl GST

Duration: 2 Days

Max. Class Size: 10

Avg. Class Size: 5

Level: Advanced

Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm approx

Course Dates

03-04 Oct 17Tue - Wed

18-19 Dec 17Mon - Tue

06-07 Feb 18Tue - Wed

26-27 Mar 18Mon - Tue

17-18 May 18Thu - Fri


Level 11,
32 Walker Street,
North Sydney , NSW 2060

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18-19 Sep 17Mon - Tue

09-10 Nov 17Thu - Fri

15-16 Jan 18Mon - Tue

01-02 Mar 18Thu - Fri

31 May - 01 Jun 18Thu - Fri


Level 12
379 Collins Street,
Melbourne , VIC 3000

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26-27 Oct 17Thu - Fri

17-18 Jan 18Wed - Thu

12-13 Apr 18Thu - Fri

04-05 Jul 18Wed - Thu

27-28 Sep 18Thu - Fri


C/O Support Technology
Level 6, 371 Queen Street,
Brisbane , QLD 4000

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20-21 Nov 17Mon - Tue

15-16 Feb 18Thu - Fri

10-11 May 18Thu - Fri

30-31 Jul 18Mon - Tue

25-26 Oct 18Thu - Fri


C/O Atlas Business Services
Level 1, 33 Ainslie Place,
Canberra , ACT 2601

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Upon demand

This course is currently upon demand in Adelaide


C/O The International Visualisation Centre (IVC)
19 Young Street,
Adelaide , SA 5000

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Upon demand

This course is currently upon demand in Perth


C/O Saxons Training Facilities
Level 1, 140 St Georges Terrace,
Perth , WA 6000

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Course Units

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Unit 1: Benefits of jQuery

See topics

  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • Helpful Utilities
  • jQuery User Interface
  • jQuery plugins
  • Keeping Markup Clean

Unit 2: Downloading and Including JQuery

See topics

  • Downloading jQuery
  • The Google CDN
  • Uncompressed or compressed?

Unit 3: Anatomy of a jQuery Script

See topics

  • The jQuery Alias
  • Dissecting a jQuery Statement
  • Making Sure the Page is Ready

Unit 4: Selecting - the Core of jQuery

See topics

  • Simple Selecting
  • Narrowing Down the Selection
  • Testing the Selection
  • Working with jQuery Filters
  • Selecting Multiple jQuery Elements

Unit 5: Decorating - CSS with jQuery

See topics

  • Reading CSS Properties
  • Setting CSS Properties
  • Classes

Unit 6: Enhancing - Adding Effects with jQuery

See topics

  • Hiding and Revealing Elements
  • Progressive Enhancement
  • Adding New Elements
  • Removing Existing Elements
  • Modifying Content
  • Basic Animation: Hiding and Revealing with Flair
  • Callback Functions

Unit 7: Animating

See topics

  • Animating CSS Properties
  • Color Animation
  • jQuery Easing
  • Advanced Easing
  • Bouncy Content Panes
  • The Animation Queue
  • Chaining Actions
  • Pausing the Chain
  • Animated Navigation
  • The jQuery User Interface Library

Unit 8: Scrolling

See topics

  • The scroll Event
  • Floating Navigation
  • Scrolling the Document

Unit 9: Resizing

See topics

  • The resize Event
  • Resizable Elements

Unit 10: Images and Slideshow

See topics

  • Custom Lightbox
  • ColorBox - A Lightbox Plugin
  • Cross-fading Slideshows
  • Scrolling Slideshows

Unit 11: Menus, Tabs, Tooltips, and Panels

See topics

  • Expandable and Collapsible Menus
  • Open and Closed Indicators
  • Menu Expand on Hover
  • Drop-down Menus
  • A Simple Accordion
  • Multiple-level Accordions
  • jQuery UI Accordion
  • Basic Tabs
  • jQuery UI Tabs
  • Slide-down Login Form
  • Simple Tooltips

Unit 12: Forms, Controls and Dialogs

See topics

  • Simple Form Validation
  • Form Validation with the Validation Plugin
  • Maximum Length Indicator
  • Form Hints
  • Autocomplete
  • Date Picker
  • Sliders
  • Drag and Drop
  • Query UI sortable
  • Progress Bar
  • Query UI Dialog

Unit 13: Lists, Trees, and Tables

See topics

  • jQuery UI Selectables
  • Sorting Lists
  • Expandable Tree
  • Event Delegation
  • Fixed Table Headers
  • Selecting Rows with Checkboxes


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(5.00 out of 5) Mark P [ 15 June, 2017 ]
This course was great in teaching me when to use jQuery and to use it more economically that what I currently do. It opened my eyes to how sometimes it would actually be easier to just use JavaScript on its own. The course gave me the fundamental knowledge to improve my sites through the use of JS/ jQuery.
(5.00 out of 5) Deborah B [ 03 November, 2016 ]
I really enjoyed this course. We were given a more rounded education on jQuery and background of javascript. I definitely will have to practice within the next few days to remember everything i've learned. Our instructor was very good at explaining concepts and examples, the wrong and right way of doing things. I really appreciated that.

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(4.90 out of 5) Amit K [ 31 May, 2016 ]
Aaron is a brilliant teacher. highly recommend this course if you an a HTML developer and need to take your skill to the next level.
(4.90 out of 5) Paige S [ 09 November, 2015 ]
I personally wouldn't change anything about how this course was taught. The instructor was great, and the textbook had very valuable information in it.

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