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Excel Training Courses

Microsoft Excel Training Courses

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Microsoft Excel Courses - Instructor-Led Classroom Training

Learn the Microsoft Excel skills you need with our instructor-led classroom training. Our Excel workshops are designed to teach you how to master spreadsheets with confidence. You will learn how to use a variety of Excel tools, such as formulas and functions, create charts, sort and filter data, create reports, and more. You can also extend your Excel skills to an advanced level with pivot tables, data linking and consolidation, lookup functions, macros, Power BI and Visual Basic programming. All courses are delivered by Microsoft master trainers.

See Excel course dates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra. For in-house training across Australia, please contact us directly.

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Register for two one-day Microsoft Excel courses and get a third one-day Microsoft course worth $385 free.

Excel Courses

Excel 2016 Courses

Course Duration Price (incl GST) Course Level
1 Day $385 Beginners
1 Day $385 Intermediate
1 Day $385 Advanced
1 Day $385 Specialist
2 Days $990 Expert

Excel 2013 Courses

Course Duration Price (incl GST) Course Level
1 Day $385 Beginners
1 Day $385 Intermediate
1 Day $385 Advanced

Excel 2010 Courses

Course Duration Price (incl GST) Course Level
1 Day $385 Beginners
1 Day $385 Intermediate
1 Day $385 Advanced

Excel Training Packages

Microsoft Training Package

Book any two 1-day Microsoft Office courses and receive a third 1-day Microsoft office course for FREE!

$ 770 incl GST

(You save $385)

Total Duration

3 days

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Course Inclusions

FREE Class Re-sit
8 months

Free course repeats/re-sits for up to 8 months. This is a great way to build your Excel skills over time.

FREE eMail Support
12 months

Free email support for up to 12 months the course; to maximise your Excel learning potential.

Small Class Sizes
10 max

Small Class sizes; personalised learning experience for every student.

Classroom Training

Hands-on classroom training delivered by certified Microsoft Excel Trainers.

Course Manual

Printed course manual with step-by-step instructions; an excellent reference guide for well after the Excel class.

Computer Provided

Classes conducted in fully set-up computer labs. No need to bring your own Laptop.

Course Certificate

Certificate of Course Completion; to recognise your Excel skills.

Why Learn Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the industry-leading spreadsheet application. It is the most popular application for creating a polished, professional-looking spreadsheet and reporting. With Excel, you can process large amounts of complex data, quickly and efficiently; and present it in a way that is easy to understand. Excel is a part of Microsoft Office suite of products that include many other types of software, such as, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Student Reviews

(4.90 out of 5) Helen G [ 09 July, 2020 ]
Excel Intermediate 2016 Adelaide
Charismatic and personable trainer helped make the training interesting. I love Excel anyway and the training and the course content makes me love it even more. Looking forward to Advanced training
(4.20 out of 5) Annie B [ 08 July, 2020 ]
Excel Beginner 2016 Brisbane
Packed with helpful information and some 'aha moments'. Mark was great and really knows his stuff. Managed to keep me engaged in an area that is not my forte!
(4.60 out of 5) Jason J [ 08 July, 2020 ]
Excel Beginner 2016 Brisbane
Thought the class was very informative. Offered good information and assistance beyond this. Pleased with the amount of knowledge shared over this course.
(4.90 out of 5) Craig R [ 07 July, 2020 ]
Excel Intermediate 2016 Sydney
Fantastic course. Ideal for someone used to XL but not clear about the logic of it, esp for formuals
(5.00 out of 5) Sarah S [ 07 July, 2020 ]
Excel Intermediate 2016 Perth
Teacher made sure to explain everything step by step at a reasonable pace and the breaks were very well timed, made the day manageable.
(4.20 out of 5) Angus O [ 29 June, 2020 ]
Excel Beginner 2016 Brisbane
I think it was a very worthwhile course that was taught in an adult learning environment which was much appreciated.
(4.80 out of 5) Joanne G [ 27 May, 2020 ]
Excel Advanced 2016 Online Live
Very thorough, glad there is a manual. Content well presented and at a pace I was able to keep up with. Paul ensured that I was competent with the content. Paul showed a lot of patience :)
(5.00 out of 5) Sandy W [ 27 May, 2020 ]
Excel Advanced 2016 Online Live
I learn't a lot from this course, especially what I didn't know. It was very easy to follow, made it easy to ask questions.
(5.00 out of 5) jaimee m [ 25 May, 2020 ]
Excel Beginner 2016 Online Live
I found this so enjoyable and informational! I am blind and use a text to speech program and was very worried about how I would go, I found Paul was very helpful and verbal. he made it so easy to stay up to everyone else.
(5.00 out of 5) Elizabeth D [ 18 May, 2020 ]
Excel Intermediate 2016 Online Live
Fantastic! Very easy to listen to and follow instructions. Thanks Paul. Learnt a lot of useful information and found a number of things I was doing the wrong way.

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Book any two 1-day Microsoft Office courses and receive a third 1-day Microsoft Office course for

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