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Web Development Training Courses

Web Development Courses

(4.80 out of 5) 3738 Student Reviews

The best web development training experience

Get the skills and hands-on practice you need to succeed in the complex and challenging world of web development. Learn how to use the world’s most advanced web development software to turn ideas and concepts into functional and dynamic websites and applications.

HTML / HTML5 Training

HTML / HTML5 Training Courses

(4.78 out of 5) 1072 Student Reviews

HTML is the backbone of the web, and understanding the code is highly beneficial to anybody involved in web design and development. Build websites and marketing emails by hand coding in HTML and manipulate HTML generated by applications such as WordPress.

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WordPress Training

WordPress Training Courses

(4.85 out of 5) 1025 Student Reviews

Learn to build websites the quick and easy way using WordPress; an open source website development and blogging platform that boasts the largest user base of any self hosted blogging tool in the world. It is highly customisable and easy to work with for developers at all skill levels - and it's free!

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CSS / CSS3 Training

CSS / CSS3 Training Courses

(4.82 out of 5) 575 Student Reviews

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) enable multiple pages to share formatting, including layout, colours and fonts, reducing complexity and repetition. This results in fast and flexible website development, consistent design and optimal performance.

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SEO Training

SEO Training Courses

(4.85 out of 5) 170 Student Reviews

Learn SEO processes and strategies to effectively optimise your website for better search results. Our SEO courses will teach you the best practice implementation of SEO techniques and tools

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JavaScript Training

JavaScript Training Courses

(4.76 out of 5) 291 Student Reviews

JavaScript is a simple programming language used to make web pages more interactive. Knowledge of JavaScript allows you to analyse or modify webpage content – you can change forms, check or manipulate form data before submission and highlight incorrect or incomplete form data.

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jQuery Training

jQuery Training Courses

(4.82 out of 5) 138 Student Reviews

jQuery is the all conquering JavaScript framework. Used by over half of the world's top 10,000 websites, jQuery is the fastest, most efficient way to add killer functionality to your website. With jQuery you can effortlessely control any page element with powerful jQuery selectors and construct impressive animations with just few lines of code. jQuery also allows you to add intelligent interactive forms and elegent drop-down menus to your website.

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Mobile Website and App Training

Mobile Website and App Training Courses

(4.72 out of 5) 124 Student Reviews

Learn to make the transition from a clunky old website to a shiny mobile friendly website. Weather you need a single website that is mobile friendly or want to build a separate mobile website that works like a mobile app; our courses are designed to meet those needs

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PHP and MySQL Training

PHP and MySQL Training Courses

(4.77 out of 5) 343 Student Reviews

Hand code dynamic websites with this powerful, open-source web scripting language. The combination of PHP and MySQL databases provides the world’s most widely used solution for generating database-driven websites and online applications.

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