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Microsoft Training Courses

Microsoft Courses

(4.81 out of 5) 44950 Student Reviews

Microsoft Partner - Dynamic Web Training

The best Microsoft training experience

Give your office productivity skills and career a boost with Australia's best Microsoft training courses. From the basics of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook through to advanced training in Access, Visio, Project and Visual Basic, we have your Microsoft training needs sorted.

Windows Training
Windows Training Courses

(4.84 out of 5) 178 Student Reviews

Windows operating system is the backbone of most home and office computer systems. Learn to perform standard operating system functions, such as working with windows, copying and storing files, creating folders, using Windows apps, working with libraries, setting up printers and much more.

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Excel Training
Excel Training Courses

(4.82 out of 5) 27175 Student Reviews

Learn about the world’s leading spreadsheet application from expert Microsoft trainers. From basic spreadsheets to powerful calculation and visualisation tools, extend your capabilities in data analysis, forecasting, financial reporting and budget management.

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Power BI Training
Power BI Training Courses

(4.88 out of 5) 4193 Student Reviews

Learn about the world’s leading Business intelligence application from Microsoft master trainers. Learn to get data from multiple sources, transform raw data into clean, workable data, create relationships and data models. Extend your capabilities in data analysis, forecasting, financial reporting and budget management.

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Word Training
Word Training Courses

(4.80 out of 5) 4002 Student Reviews

Create professional documents, memos, faxes, reports, flyers and newsletters with Microsoft Word, the world's most popular word processing application. Spend more time writing and less time formatting with comprehensive styling, document management and automation tools.

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PowerPoint Training
PowerPoint Training Courses

(4.82 out of 5) 2178 Student Reviews

Create impressive business presentations by harnessing the power of Microsoft PowerPoint. Take your public presentations to a higher level with formatting, transitions and multimedia.

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Outlook Training
Outlook Training Courses

(4.82 out of 5) 1471 Student Reviews

Get organised with Microsoft Outlook, the world’s leading email, contact and task management application. Create and manage emails, and control your time and information with integrated calendar, tasks, contacts and notes.

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SharePoint Training
SharePoint Training Courses

(4.80 out of 5) 191 Student Reviews

Learn the Microsoft SharePoint online skills to create and manage sites that allow you and your team to work well together. Our SharePoint courses will teach you everything you need to know to effectively and efficiently use SharePoint Online.

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Power Apps Training
Power Apps Training Courses

(4.75 out of 5) 19 Student Reviews

Learn to build and deploy powerful, user-friendly, and affordable apps with Microsoft Power Apps. These apps will allow you to solve specific business challenges, optimize your operations and automate processes resulting in enhanced workplace productivity. Microsoft Power apps have a responsive design and can run seamlessly on mobile devices and browsers.

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Project Training
Project Training Courses

(4.75 out of 5) 2332 Student Reviews

Keep projects on-track with Microsoft Project, an essential tool for all project managers. Powerful milestone setting, task management, resource allocation and finance tools help direct project teams and track progress, budgets and workloads.

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SQL Training
SQL Training Courses

(4.86 out of 5) 2149 Student Reviews

Microsoft SQL is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a special purpose programming language designed for managing data held in relational database management systems. An increasing number of companies are storing and analysing more of their corporate data and Microsoft SQL provides an easy way to work smarter and improve performance.

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OneNote Training
OneNote Training Courses

(4.80 out of 5) 123 Student Reviews

Learn to use Microsoft OneNote to research, gather, organise and share information. Use OneNote for individual needs or group projects where multiple users can work together on the content.

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Visio Training
Visio Training Courses

(4.83 out of 5) 330 Student Reviews

Use Visio to create diagrams that convey complicated information at a glance. Turn text and tables into easy to understand visualisations. Built-in templates mean you don’t need to be a visually inclined to get professional looking results.

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Access Training
Access Training Courses

(4.74 out of 5) 575 Student Reviews

Design and build databases or create complex Visual Basic applications. This powerful business tool can be used to store, manipulate, and validate business data, track information and share business knowledge throughout your organisation.

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