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Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

Six Sigma Training Courses

The best Lean Six Sigma Certification training

Learn how to implement Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodologies to systematically eliminate waste and improve efficiency. Our Lean Six Sigma courses equip participants with a range of problem solving tools used within DMAIC method. We cover the complimentary areas of Lean and Six Sigma in our courses to ensure accelerated delivery of Six Sigma projects; and deliver greater results than what can be achieved by either Lean or Six Sigma on their own. This combined approach of Lean and Six Sigma also drives continuous improvement that builds an effective management philosophy for any business that wants to succeed.

We offer Lean Six Sigma certification courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and In-house.

Why Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma methodologies are used by thousands of companies globally to reduce costs; by eliminating waste from processes within the organisation. Rigorous application of Lean Six Sigma methods ensures continual improvement which focuses on reducing waste and product variation from manufacturing, service or design processes.

Lean Six Sigma Courses

This course focuses on providing students with an understanding of the various Six Sigma tools and techniques useful to improve the production process and minimize defects in the end product with a greater focus on the practical implementation of these tool and techniques in the organisation.  View Full Course Details

Course Duration Level Study Mode

$ 5500 incl GST

5 Days Beginners In-Class
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Learn the skills required to lead, manage and implement Lean Six Sigma projects from start to finish. This course provides students with comprehensive understanding of both the complementary domains of Lean and Six Sigma.  View Full Course Details

Course Duration Level Study Mode

$ 5500 incl GST

5 Days Advanced In-Class
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Course Inclusions

FREE Class Re-sit
8 months

Free course repeats/re-sits for up to 8 months. This is a great way to build your skills over time.

FREE eMail Support
12 months

Free post course email support for up to 12 months; to maximise your learning potential.

Small Class Sizes
10 max

Small Class sizes; for more personalised learning experience.

Classroom Training

Hands-on classroom training delivered by specialist Six Sigma Trainers.

Course Manual

Printed course manual; an excellent reference guide for well after the training.

eLearning Course

6 month’s online access to equivalent level of six sigma eLearning certification course.

Certification Exams

Access to online Six Sigma certification exams for up to 3 attempts in total.

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