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HTML / HTML5 Training Courses

HTML / HTML5 Training Courses

(4.74 out of 5) 761 Student Reviews

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The best HTML and HTML5 training

With knowledge of HTML, you can manually code websites from scratch, edit existing code and generate marketing emails that look great in Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook and other email clients. Understanding HTML is the first step in learning CSS, for quick and consistent website formatting.

Our HTML courses are offered at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and In-house across Australia.

Why HTML5?

With HTML5 you can create websites and applications that are richer and more accessible, use native multimedia for audio and video and build intelligent web forms.

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HTML / HTML5 Training Courses:

HTML and HTML5 Courses

Total Duration Price (incl GST) Level
Introduction to HTML  1 Day $495 Beginner
Responsive HTML Emails  1 Day $495 Intermediate
HTML5 Essentials  2 Days $990 Advanced
Responsive Web Design  2 Days $990 Advanced

HTML / HTML5 Training Packages:

HTML and CSS Package

Introduction to HTML (1 day)

Website Design Using CSS (2 days)

$ 1155 incl GST

(You save $330)

Total Duration

3 days

$ 3300 incl GST

(You save $1485)

Total Duration

10 days

Advanced Web Design Package

HTML5 Essentials (2 days)

CSS3 Essentials (2 days)

Introduction to JavaScript (2 days)

jQuery: Interactive Websites (2 days)

$ 2640 incl GST

(You save $1320)

Total Duration

8 days

HTML / HTML5 Training Reviews

(4.50 out of 5) Ken L [ 18 April, 2017 ]
Introduction to HTML Course
I came into the course knowing only how to spell HTML. Catherine's pace, tone and delivery made the content understandable. I'm quite happy that I will be able to apply the base knowledge in my work environment.
(5.00 out of 5) Krystal D [ 10 April, 2017 ]
Introduction to HTML Course
Great course, it flowed very well with great pace, all exercises worked and your IT was very functional.
(4.90 out of 5) Russell P [ 10 April, 2017 ]
Introduction to HTML Course
Engagingly presented and very thorough. Learning pace ideal with a great dose of humour. Very interesting. Thank you,Russell
(5.00 out of 5) Grant S [ 24 March, 2017 ]
Responsive HTML Emails Course
Very helpful and attentive to every question. Made responsive coding seem more simple that I had previously thought

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