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SEO Advanced Course

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About the course

This one-day SEO Advanced course goes beyond content optimisation to examine technical and off-page factors that affect website performance. Examine how the design, structure and speed of your website impacts SEO. Learn how to develop link building strategies, work with Google Analytics and Search Console. You will also explore special considerations for optimising blogs and mobile content.

Participants are encouraged to use their website during the course to examine areas that may be hindering website performance and developing strategies for addressing these issues post training. We can provide a sample website if you do not currently have one.

Who should do this course?

This advanced SEO course is suitable for anyone wanting to fine tune their SEO efforts to enhance the performance of their website. You will develop a better understanding of Google Analytics and report interpretation to refine your SEO strategies.


Participants should have a solid understanding of the concepts outlined in the SEO Essentials course. While some of this course is of a technical nature, a technical background is not required.

Course Details

  • $495 incl GST
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Max. Class Size: 10
  • Avg. Class Size: 5
  • Study Mode: In Class
  • Level: Advanced
  • Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm approx
  • SEO Advanced
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Course Dates

  • Sydney Class Dates

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    Level 11, 32 Walker Street, North Sydney , NSW 2060

    07 Dec 18 Fri
    08 Feb 19 Fri
    15 Mar 19 Fri
    03 May 19 Fri
    14 Jun 19 Fri
    26 Jul 19 Fri
    06 Sep 19 Fri
    11 Oct 19 Fri
    22 Nov 19 Fri
  • Melbourne Class Dates

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    Level 12, 379 Collins Street, Melbourne , VIC 3000

    10 Jan 19 Thu
    22 Feb 19 Fri
    02 Apr 19 Tue
    14 May 19 Tue
    28 Jun 19 Fri
    06 Aug 19 Tue
    20 Sep 19 Fri
    29 Oct 19 Tue
    10 Dec 19 Tue
  • Brisbane Class Dates

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    Level 6, 371 Queen Street, Brisbane , QLD 4000

    30 Nov 18 Fri
    01 Feb 19 Fri
    29 Mar 19 Fri
    24 May 19 Fri
    16 Jul 19 Tue
  • Canberra Class Dates

    Level 4, 54 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra , ACT 2601

    Classes scheduled on demand in Canberra

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  • Adelaide Class Dates

    19 Young Street, Adelaide , SA 5000

    Classes scheduled on demand in Adelaide

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  • Perth Class Dates

    Level 1, 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth , WA 6000

    Classes scheduled on demand in Perth

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Course Units

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Unit 1: Website Design and SEO Implications

  • Using Graphics Correctly and Effectively
  • Identify Issues with Graphic and Flash Heavy Pages
  • Web Page Layouts – Tables vs CSS
  • Building Search Friendly Site Navigation
  • Identifying JavaScript Issues

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Unit 2: Site Architecture

  • Writing Search Friendly File Names
  • Specifying Search Friendly URLs and Permalinks
  • Choosing Search Friendly Domains
  • Maintaining Rank for Moved, Renamed or Deleted Pages
  • Consolidating Link Energy with Canonical URLs
  • Migrating aWebsite – Best Practice
  • Theming Content for Greater Impact

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Unit 3: Excluding Content from Search Indexes

  • Excluding Content from Search Results
  • Compare Exclusion Methods
  • Creating the robots.txt File
  • Using robots.txt File
  • Testing your robots.txt File

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Unit 4: HTML and XML Sitemaps

  • Overview of Sitemaps
  • Check your Site for XML & HTML Sitemaps
  • Using Sitemaps to Improve Page Indexing
  • Create an XML Sitemap for your Website
  • Submit XML Sitemaps to Search Engines

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Unit 5: Link Popularity Strategies

  • Understanding Link Popularity
  • Checking Backlinks
  • ChecKing Link Popularity
  • Link Building Techniques
  • Avoiding Keyword Link Spam
  • Avoiding Links that Harm SEO

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Unit 6: Measuring SEO Campaigns

  • Registering your Site with Google Analytics
  • Identify Key Metrics to Measure SEO
  • Explore Audience Reporting
  • Explore Acquisition Reporting
  • Explore Behaviour Reporting
  • Tracking conversions
  • Interpreting Analytics Data
  • Fine Tuning your SEO

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Unit 7: Google Search Console

  • Review Search Traffic (Queries, Links)
  • Review security issues and warnings
  • Review Google indexing issues
  • Use Google Page Speed Insights
  • Integration with Google Analytics

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Unit 8: Building Faster Websites

  • Why Faster Websites are Good for SEO
  • Analyse Website Loading Times
  • Examine Technologies for Improving Performance
  • Choosing a Web Hosting Provider – SEO Considerations

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Unit 9: Blog Optimisation Considerations

  • Why and How to Blog for SEO Benefits
  • Optimising Post Content
  • Optimising Blog Navigation
  • Promoting Blog Posts
  • WordPress Plugins to Enhance SEO
  • Building Community via Commenting

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Unit 10: Optimisation for Mobile

  • The Importance of Mobile Optimisation
  • Identify Mobile Factors Important to Google
  • Understanding Responsive Layouts
  • Understanding Mobile Friendly Scalable Content
  • Identify Mobile Usability Issues using Google Search Console

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Training Packages

Web Design Package - Level 1

$ 3267 incl GST

(You save $1188)


9 days

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Course Reviews

(5.00 out of 5) Lee C [ 24 August, 2018 ]
Just loved the information gathering and confidence I now have from the training by John. John answered all my questions and great at explaining the answers. Very happy student/customer. Thank you.
(5.00 out of 5) Sarah P [ 10 August, 2018 ]
Excellent follow on from the Essentials course. Goes into a lot more detail but all really useful content and well explained with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
(5.00 out of 5) Amy S [ 10 August, 2018 ]
Very happy with SO much information I have learnt in the two days. Great to have an industry professional giving us real life examples and insights.
(5.00 out of 5) Emma [ 13 June, 2018 ]
A very valuable course and a good extension on from SEO Essentials. Very informative and Alice is great at providing one-on-one examples. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to know the basics about SEO.

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