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Photoshop Advanced: Retouching Course

(4.86 out of 5) 32 Student Reviews

About the course

In this 2 day hands-on advanced Photoshop course, you take your Photoshop skills to the next level. This focuses on retouching strategy, maximising efficiency in Photoshop, color correction strategy, complex selections and masks; paths versus alpha channels, colour management; RGB versus CMYK, and much more.

Who should do this course?

This course is suitable for photographers, graphic artists, webmasters or designers who have a good understanding of various tools within Photoshop but want to take their skill to an advanced level and learn the tips, tricks and techniques that are used by professionals in real life work.


The participants must have completed the Fast Track to Photoshop course or have equivalent skill before attending this course. It is assumed that the participants have a good understanding of the tools within Photoshop and have some experience using them.

Course Details

Course Dates

  • Sydney Class Dates

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    Level 11, 32 Walker Street, North Sydney , NSW 2060

    24 - 25 Oct 19 Thu - Fri
    16 - 17 Dec 19 Mon - Tue
    13 - 14 Feb 20 Thu - Fri
    06 - 07 Apr 20 Mon - Tue
    04 - 05 Jun 20 Thu - Fri
  • Melbourne Class Dates

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    Level 12, 379 Collins Street, Melbourne , VIC 3000

    24 - 25 Oct 19 Thu - Fri
    12 - 13 Dec 19 Thu - Fri
    13 - 14 Feb 20 Thu - Fri
    16 - 17 Apr 20 Thu - Fri
    09 - 10 Jun 20 Tue - Wed
  • Brisbane Class Dates

    Level 6, 371 Queen Street, Brisbane , QLD 4000

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  • Canberra Class Dates

    Level 4, 54 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra , ACT 2601

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  • Adelaide Class Dates

    19 Young Street, Adelaide , SA 5000

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  • Perth Class Dates

    Level 1, 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth , WA 6000

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Course Units

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Unit 1: Setting up Photoshop

  • Colour Management Set-up

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Unit 2: Project - Fashion Shot

  • Cloning vs Healing
  • Clone Stamp Tool
  • Healing Brush Tool
  • Dodge and Burn Tools
  • Liquify Retouching
  • Liquify Filter: Bloat, Pucker, Forward Warp Tools
  • Artistic Retouching of Facial Features

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Unit 3: Correction Techniques

  • Colour Correction using Curves
  • Customizing Curves Options for Fast Correction
  • Setting Custom White and Black Points

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Unit 4: Blend Modes, Layer Masking & Compositing

  • Understanding Blend Modes
  • Working with Blend Modes
  • Using the colour mode to tint an image
  • Blending Images using Layer Mask
  • Matching Tones in Composited Images
  • Matching Colour
  • Curves Colour Channels
  • Desaturating Colour
  • Working with Clipping Masks

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Unit 5: Project - Lifestyle Shot

  • Selecting the Skin using an Alpha Channel
  • Testing Selections
  • Using Curves to Test Selections
  • Editing Channels
  • Balancing Skin Tones
  • Adjusting Contrast without changing colour
  • Curve Adjustments and Blending Modes
  • Preventing Contrast Adjustments from Changing Saturation
  • Using Hue/Saturation to Colourize

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Unit 6: Advanced Colour Management set-up

  • Colour Management Preferences
  • Converting Device Profiles to Work Space
  • Working with Images That Are Missing a Profile
  • Converting Into a Device-Independent Workspace
  • Images With The Wrong Profile Embedded
  • Converting to CMYK
  • Loading Colour Profiles
  • Comparing Different CMYK Conversions

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Unit 7: Prepping an Image for the Web

  • Resizing and Resampling
  • Soft Proofing for Web
  • Image Compression (JPEG)

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Unit 8: Using Channels to Make Selections

  • Using Channels for Selections
  • Using Levels to Refine Selections
  • Hue/Saturation to the Change Colour
  • Updating Channel Selections

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Unit 9: Project - Product Shot

  • Selection using Paths
  • Selection using Channels
  • Matching Colours using Curves
  • Easy Selection with Channels
  • Commercial Style Colour-correction
  • Loading Selections
  • Colour Range Selections

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Unit 10: Project - Smoothing Skin

  • Skin Smoothing
  • Blurring Highlights and Shadows Independently
  • Adding Texture for a Natural Look
  • Understanding Channel Mixer
  • Using Channels to Smooth Skin Tones
  • Luminosity Blending Mode

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Unit 11: Modifying Light & Shadows

  • Adding Warmth to a Photograph
  • Selecting Highlight Areas of an Image
  • Channels Selections

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Unit 12: Sharpening Techniques

  • Using Smart Sharpen
  • Using Blend Modes to Improve Sharpening
  • Selectively Adding Sharpening with a Layer Mask
  • Editing Smart Objects
  • Using the High Pass Filter for Sharpening
  • Hard Light Blending Mode

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Unit 13: Noise Reduction with Camera Raw

  • Opening JPEGs as Camera Raw
  • Reducing Noise

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Unit 14: Clipping Masks and Type

  • Filling Text with a Photo

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Course Reviews

(5.00 out of 5) Stephanie M [ 06 May, 2019 ]
I had an amazing time with Cres! Was lucky enough to have her all to myself and she adapted the course to suit my professional needs. I have learnt an immense amount and have thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Wish I could come back tomorrow and do it all again! Thanks so much Cres!!
(4.50 out of 5) Donna J [ 07 June, 2018 ]
The course was very different as a resit. Other ways of using photoshop were used which was great. Doug explained everything very well and communicated personal work arounds that really helped.
(4.90 out of 5) Kendel Y [ 06 July, 2017 ]
Great in depth evaluation of all the tools and techniques with various ways to achieve the same outcome. Cressida is very knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher!
(5.00 out of 5) Amelia [ 16 March, 2017 ]
Cressida explained everything extremely well and is amazing. The different modules in the workshop were very organised. I learnt so much more about Photoshop.

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