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Camtasia Studio 8 Essentials Course

(4.72 out of 5) 71 Student Reviews

About the course

This 1-day course will introduce you to the essential Camtasia Studio 8 skills you need to know to get up and running with Camtasia as quickly as possible.You will learn to quickly create videos of just about anything (computer software or PowerPoint presentations) and post your completed lessons on the web, YouTube, Screencast.com, or burn them to a CD. Your content can include videos of actions taken on your computer, animations, audio, quizzes and surveys.

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to create high-quality interactive video content suitable for almost any device.


There are no prerequisites for this Camtasia Studio 8 course. However, students should have general understanding of personal computers.

Course Details

  • $495 incl GST
  • Duration: 1 Days
  • Max. Class Size: 10
  • Avg. Class Size: 5
  • Study Mode: Classroom Online Live
  • Level: Beginner
  • Times: 9.00am - 5.00pm approx.
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Course Dates

  • Sydney Class Dates

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    Level 11, 32 Walker Street, North Sydney , NSW 2060

    14 Dec 21 Tue Classroom
    31 Jan 22 Mon Classroom
    15 Mar 22 Tue Classroom
    13 May 22 Fri Classroom
    06 Jul 22 Wed Classroom
    02 Sep 22 Fri Classroom
  • Melbourne Class Dates

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    Level 12, 379 Collins Street, Melbourne , VIC 3000

    19 Jan 22 Wed Classroom
    23 Mar 22 Wed Classroom
    09 Jun 22 Thu Classroom
    03 Aug 22 Wed Classroom
    26 Sep 22 Mon Classroom
  • Brisbane Class Dates

    Level 6, 371 Queen Street, Brisbane , QLD 4000

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  • Canberra Class Dates

    Level 4, 54 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra , ACT 2601

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  • Adelaide Class Dates

    19 Young Street, Adelaide , SA 5000

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  • Perth Class Dates

    Level 1, 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth , WA 6000

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Course Units

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Unit 1: eLearning and Camtasia

  • Overview of Camtasia’s History
  • How to Plan eLearning Projects
  • The eLearning Development Process
  • The Camtasia Studio Interface

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Unit 2: Recording Videos

  • Display Resolution and Recording Area
  • Rehearsals
  • Recording Screen Actions
  • Select a Recording Area
  • Record a Video
  • Annotations
  • Recording Effects

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Unit 3: Videos, Images and PIP

  • Import a Camrec Video
  • Add a Video to the Timeline
  • Import Images
  • Insert a New Track
  • Create a Watermark
  • Add Cursor Effects

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Unit 4: Callouts, Animations and Transitions

  • Create a Group
  • Add a Text Callout
  • Modify Visual Properties
  • Add a Pointy Circle Callout
  • Add a Sketch Motion Rectangle
  • Add an Animation to a Callout
  • Add Slide Transitions

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Unit 5: Audio

  • Add Background Music to a Video
  • Fade Audio In and Out
  • Record Voice Narration
  • Split a Music Clip
  • Cut a Segment of Unwanted Audio

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Unit 6: Produce & Share

  • Producing Basics
  • Produce a Standalone Video
  • Share to YouTube
  • Produce Flash/HTML5 Output
  • Add a Watermark to a Produced Video

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Unit 7: Zooming, Focus, Markers and Hotspots

  • Hide and Show the Cursor
  • Control Mouse Visibility
  • Use Zoom-n-Pan
  • Apply SmartFocus
  • Add a Marker
  • Add a TOC
  • Add a Hotspot to a Callout

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Unit 8: Quizzes and Screencast.com

  • Create Quizzes
  • Share to Screencast.com

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Unit 9: PowerPoint and MenuMaker

  • Use PowerPoint as a Starting Point
  • Record PowerPoint
  • Use MenuMaker to Create a Menu

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Course Reviews

(4.80 out of 5) Andrew G [ 12 September, 2019 ]
Great course and great presenter. I was able to get a lot out of Antony that i can take back to the workplace. Well laid out training and easy to follow.
(5.00 out of 5) Katrina O [ 06 August, 2019 ]
Anthony went way above and beyond what I expected. Being the only student he was able to contextualise learning to my needs which he did brilliantly. Thank you!
(4.90 out of 5) Tia W [ 01 July, 2019 ]
Good course, learnt the basics. We had a lot of advanced users in the group which made it a bit more difficult to follow at times
(5.00 out of 5) Asha S [ 20 November, 2018 ]
This was great to be able to complete this course by myself as the one on one training using my own program was really beneficial! I have my training video saved on my own computer which will make easy reference.

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