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Dreamweaver: Dynamic Application Development Course

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About the course

During this 3 day course, participants will learn to build a dynamic web application using Dreamweaver CS6; with data transfer, email interactivity, forms, databases and drop-down menus. Other areas covered include filtering, recordsets, building search interfaces and authenticating users. The training exercises are conducted using a mock-website, so students finish the training with real world confidence.

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for anybody who wants to build database-driven website using PHP scripting language.


Students should have already completed Dreamweaver: Website Development or have the equivalent experience. In addition, students must have a good understanding of HTML.

Course Details

  • $1485 incl GST
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Max. Class Size: 10
  • Avg. Class Size: 5
  • Study Mode: Classroom Online Live
  • Level: Advanced
  • Times: 9.00am - 5.00pm approx.
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Course Dates

  • Sydney Class Dates

    Level 11, 32 Walker Street, North Sydney , NSW 2060

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  • Melbourne Class Dates

    Level 12, 379 Collins Street, Melbourne , VIC 3000

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  • Brisbane Class Dates

    Level 6, 371 Queen Street, Brisbane , QLD 4000

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  • Canberra Class Dates

    Level 4, 54 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra , ACT 2601

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  • Adelaide Class Dates

    19 Young Street, Adelaide , SA 5000

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  • Perth Class Dates

    Level 1, 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth , WA 6000

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Course Units

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Unit 1: About Dynamic Websites

  • Dynamic vs Static websites
  • Understanding Application Servers
  • Understanding Site Map

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Unit 2: Set Up a Local Development Environment

  • Installing and configuring XAMPP
  • Installing MySQL Workbench
  • Installing Notepad++
  • Setting up Dreamweaver for PHP development
  • Set Dreamweaver preferences
  • Define a Site in Dreamweaver
  • Examine the current static site
  • Replace ".html" extensions with ".php"
  • Checking your PHP installation with phpinfo()

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Unit 3: Introduction to PHP

  • PHP Syntax
  • Functions
  • Include Files
  • Setting up the nav bar as an include file
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Arrays
  • Discover Dynamically-Related Files
  • Conditional Statements
  • HTTP Request and Response
  • Creating a test form page
  • Capturing the form data with PHP variables
  • Encoding a hyperlink with a query string
  • Set up the footer as an include file

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Unit 4: Install and Configure a Contact Form

  • Email header injection
  • Install the GBCF-v3 Form Script
  • Link the GBCF-v3 form page to contact.php
  • Customise the form to match the site layout
  • Test for header injection

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Unit 5: Create and Populate a MySQL Database

  • Introduction to MySQL and phpMyAdmin
  • Create a database
  • MySQL field names and data types
  • Create a database table
  • Import data from an Excel document
  • Create and import data into a tips table
  • Set up MySQL user accounts
  • Create additional database tables
  • Import data into the new tables

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Unit 6: Displaying Content from the Database

  • Creating Connections to the database
  • Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Run SQL queries in phpMyAdmin
  • Run SQL queries in MySQL Workbench
  • Creating a Recordset (SQL Query)
  • Displaying dynamic content on a page
  • Displaying a single tip on the home page
  • Server Behaviors
  • Displaying multiple tips on the home page
  • Displaying lists

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Unit 7: Master & detail pages

  • Creating a master list
  • Displaying a dynamic image
  • Adding a recordset navigation bar
  • Displaying the recordset navigation status
  • Linking the master & details pages
  • Filter using the WHERE clause
  • Creating a filtered recordset
  • Populating the details page
  • Joining database tables with the WHERE clause
  • Joins in phpMyAdmin
  • Formatting a number
  • Creating an administrative template

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Unit 8: Inserting information into the database

  • The SQL INSERT statement
  • Creating an insert form
  • Making the list menus dynamic
  • Creating a dynamic list menu
  • Creating an admin list page
  • Inserting a new record
  • Creating a insert form
  • Storing text content in a database table
  • Installing and configuring TinyMCE
  • Creating and populating database tables
  • Creating a page to list the site users
  • Creating a page to register a new user
  • Inserting a new user

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Unit 9: Registering and Authenticating Users

  • Checking for existing usernames
  • Creating login failed and welcome pages
  • Completing the login page
  • Creating a log out page
  • PHP sessions
  • Restricting Access to Page server behavior
  • Greeting user by name on the welcome page
  • Restricting access to admin pages
  • Creating an administrator menu page

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Unit 10: Updating and Deleting Database Records

  • Adding dynamic update and delete links
  • The SQL UPDATE statement
  • Creating an update form
  • Updating an existing record
  • The SQL DELETE statement
  • Creating a delete page
  • Deleting an existing product
  • Modifying the list page
  • Creating a update page
  • Creating a delete page

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Unit 11: Searching the Database

  • Creating a search page
  • SQL queries using wildcards
  • Displaying the search results
  • Showing and hiding items based upon the data retrieved
  • Showing a message when no records are found
  • Hiding the Recordset Navigation Bar
  • The SQL LIKE operator and Percent (%) wildcard
  • Filtering using SQL variables
  • Creating the joining & filtering SQL query
  • Linking to the details page
  • Creating a search page
  • Creating a results page

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Unit 12: Performing Calculations

  • Creating an advanced recordset
  • Displaying details
  • Adding a form for user to specify data
  • Linking from the product-detail.php page
  • Calculations with PHP
  • Completing the cost estimator results page

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Course Reviews

(4.90 out of 5) Celie C [ 10 October, 2012 ]
Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Would like a similar course that outlines all the other administrative aspects of dynamic web sites
(4.90 out of 5) Janine R [ 26 March, 2012 ]
Everything has finally started to gel, so I am now looking forward to practicing what I have learnt.
(5.00 out of 5) Bree S [ 12 March, 2012 ]
Really great course. Taught me some great techniques that I will use in the real world. Thank you very much!
(5.00 out of 5) Tom F [ 29 February, 2012 ]
Jonathan is a wonderful trainer who ensures everyone gets what they came for and learns as much as possible in the given time. He has as a thorough knowledge of the subject and shares a wealth of experience through detailed examples and practical exercises, making the course a pleasure to attend.

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