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Xero Essentials Course

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About the Course

During this 1 day hands-on course, participants will develop the skills necessary to navigate and utilise the various features of Xero. Participants will work through real world examples to gain a working knowledge that will allow for day to day use of the Xero accounting software. All courses are taught by experienced Xero consultants with real world bookkeeping experience.

Who should do this course?

This course is intended for those who wish to learn how to use the Xero accounting software to manage the day to day operations of a small or medium sized business. It is ideal for bookkeepers, accountants and business owners looking to transition from other accounting platforms.


This course is suitable for participants with good experience in using other accounting packages and want to get up to speed with Xero quickly. Participants must come ready with a username and password to access their own Xero account or Xero trial account.

Course Details

  • $385 incl GST
  • Duration: 1 Days
  • Max. Class Size: 10
  • Avg. Class Size: 5
  • Study Mode: Classroom Online Live
  • Level: Beginner
  • Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm approx
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Course Dates

  • Sydney Class Dates

    Level 11, 32 Walker Street, North Sydney , NSW 2060

    Classes scheduled on demand in Sydney

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  • Melbourne Class Dates

    Level 12, 379 Collins Street, Melbourne , VIC 3000

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  • Brisbane Class Dates

    Level 6, 371 Queen Street, Brisbane , QLD 4000

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  • Canberra Class Dates

    Level 4, 54 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra , ACT 2601

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  • Adelaide Class Dates

    19 Young Street, Adelaide , SA 5000

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  • Perth Class Dates

    Level 1, 140 St Georges Terrace, Perth , WA 6000

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Course Units

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Unit 1: Xero Introduction

  • Cloud Based Accounting
  • Understanding Logins, Access and Pricing
  • Understanding My Xero
  • Access My Xero
  • Access the Xero Demo Company
  • Creating A New Organisation
  • Completing The Setup Guide
  • Understanding The Xero Dashboard
  • Understanding The Xero Menus, Icons & Tabs
  • Getting Help & Support
  • Understanding Xero Notifications
  • Understanding Xero Files
  • Uploading A File to the Inbox
  • Taking A Photo
  • Emailing A File to the Inbox
  • Creating A Folder
  • Create A Transaction From Files

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Unit 2: Xero Setup

  • Understanding Organisation Settings
  • Understanding Financial Settings
  • Understanding Tracking Categories
  • Creating Tracking Categories
  • Rename A Tracking Category
  • Archive Or Delete A Tracking Category
  • Restore A Tracking Category
  • Understanding Multi-Currency
  • Adding A Currency
  • View Or Edit A Currency
  • Understanding Tax Rates
  • Add A Tax Rate
  • Understanding Email Settings
  • Create An Email Template
  • View or Edit An Email Template
  • Add An Email Address
  • Add A Custom Contact Link
  • Send A Xero Network Invite (Xero to Xero)
  • Understanding Add-ons

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Unit 3: Users

  • Understanding User Roles
  • Adding A User
  • Editing A User
  • Removing A User
  • Inviting Xero Support

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Unit 4: Chart of Accounts

  • Understanding Chart Of Accounts
  • Account Input Fields
  • Importing A Chart Of Accounts
  • Adding An Account
  • Editing An Account
  • Deleting An Account
  • Archiving An Account
  • Restoring An Account
  • Exporting A Chart Of Accounts

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Unit 5: Bank Accounts

  • Understanding Bank Accounts & Bank Feeds
  • Adding A Bank Account
  • Adding A Credit Card
  • Establishing Bank Account Feeds
  • Establishing Credit Card Feeds
  • Adding A PayPal Account
  • Establishing PayPal Feeds
  • Account Transactions
  • Creating A Spend Money Transaction
  • Creating A Receive Money Transaction
  • Creating A Transfer Money Transaction
  • Archiving A Bank Account
  • Restoring A Bank Account
  • Bank Rules
  • Creating A Bank Rule
  • Editing A Bank Rule
  • Bank Statements & Importing
  • Importing A Bank Statement

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Unit 6: Contacts

  • Understanding Contacts
  • Contact Input Fields
  • Importing Contacts
  • Creating A Contact Group
  • Allocating To A Contact Group
  • Adding A Contact
  • Editing A Contact
  • Archiving A Contact
  • Restoring A Contact
  • Merging Contacts
  • Exporting Contacts

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unit 7: Invoicing - Sales

  • Understanding Invoice Settings
  • Adding A Payment Service
  • Branding Theme Input Fields
  • Creating A Branding Theme
  • Editing, Copying & Deleting A Branding theme
  • Understanding The Sales Dashboard
  • Invoice States
  • Invoice Input Fields
  • Creating A New Invoice
  • Attaching Files To Invoices
  • Editing An Invoice
  • Copying An Invoice
  • Voiding An Invoice
  • Emailing An Invoice
  • Printing An Invoice
  • Recording A Payment
  • Sending Receipts
  • Searching Invoices
  • Understanding Repeating Invoices
  • Creating A Repeating Invoice
  • Understanding Credit Notes
  • Creating A Credit Note
  • Importing Invoices
  • Understanding Statements
  • Sending A Statement
  • Batch Deposits

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Unit 8: Purchases

  • Understanding The Purchases Dashboard
  • Bill States
  • Bill Input Fields
  • Creating A New Bill
  • Attaching Files To Bills
  • Editing A Bill
  • Copying A Bill
  • Voiding A Bill
  • Importing Bills
  • Recording A Payment
  • Sending A Remittance
  • Searching Bills
  • Understanding Repeating Bills
  • Creating A Repeating Bill
  • Understanding Credit Notes
  • Creating A Credit Note
  • Understanding Batch Payments
  • Creating A Batch Payment

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Unit 9: Reconciliation

  • Understanding Reconciliation
  • The Reconciliation Screen
  • Cash Coding
  • Bank Statement
  • Account Transactions
  • Matching
  • Part Payments
  • Minor Adjustments
  • Prepayments
  • Overpayments
  • Creating Spend And Receive Transactions
  • Auto Suggestion
  • Transfers Between Bank Accounts
  • Discuss Tab
  • Editing Transactions
  • Editing a Transaction
  • Reconciliation Report

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Unit 10: Reports

  • Understanding Reports
  • Common Reporting Functions
  • Adding A Summary
  • Adding A Footnote
  • Save A Report (Draft)
  • Publish A Report
  • Export A Report
  • Understanding Report Layout Options
  • Creating A Layout
  • Apply A Layout
  • Edit A Layout
  • Delete A Layout
  • Understanding Report Layout Options
  • Create A Budget
  • Import A Budget
  • Export A Budget

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Unit 11: Activity Statement

  • Understanding Activity Statements
  • Complete A Business Activity Statement (BAS)
  • Complete A Instalment Activity Statement (IAS)

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Course Reviews

(5.00 out of 5) Era F [ 09 April, 2021 ]
The course is Excellent and really liked Marie Summer's explainations. She is amazing. Thank you very much.
(4.90 out of 5) Anne P [ 09 March, 2021 ]
Excellent presentation of the course. Well explained with good interaction and ability to ask questions.
(5.00 out of 5) Angela M [ 11 December, 2020 ]
Jeff did very well trying to engage with the team and ask for business examples so that he could incorporate into the training
(4.20 out of 5) ryan e [ 28 September, 2020 ]
considering I am not intending to use Xero on a regular basis (I was completing the course for oversight only) I learnt a lot about accounting in general and found Gordon explained things well. the small number of attendees I think was beneficial and allowed for better one on one training.

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